Dealing with Unplanned Frustrations with People.

Sometimes when you’re just doing your own thing and trying to cruise on in life, and then something comes along and derails your concentration and the state of peace that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Sometimes we consider that as a small bump, but some other times, it is as if someone had wronged […]

Being in School, as an Adult

There was always this apprehension as we got older that it’s harder to go back into school, especially after working for a few years. I had asked a bunch of people what their thoughts on that were, and they expressed that it was just harder to learn, harder to capture certain ideas as we aged. […]

Annual Thought about Websites

Every year, around this time, I’m reminded that I have a website, and that i should totally utilize it a lot more than I have been so far. This doesn’t mean that I don’t know that i don’t use it, I know that I don’t use it. And i feel horrible that i just don’t […]

Isaiah 6 and Kanye West

I have recently been learning about hermeneutics. I learnt about understanding the original message and how it translates to us today, in our modern understanding. During my classes, I was given a chance to explore a passage of my own choice, and I chose Isaiah 6 to look at. There is a parallel drawn between […]

Life in 2019

The View from the Overhead Bridge at my house

The last time I wrote something here was in Dec 2017, and I think with a constant influx of new people clicking through my site, it would be great to update something. First, I’ve been actively doing Inktobers every year. Inktober is a month of daily drawing in October, and after the first year of […]

The Rush to Wait

Christmas rushing is always a thing for the year end. It’s so exciting running around shops, hunting for the best discounts that match your friend or family the best. I lose myself at the shelf of red tags stating a large cut from the original price, picking and repicking the items that I was looking […]

Creative Dilemmas

24 hours in a day is too little. Yes, wildly known fact. But the hardest part I find is that my passion level in each interest grows or wanes everyday. For example, last week I really wanted to run. And I still kinda do. But today, I awoke and hey, there’s time for a run […]

A daily –

Something. Anything. After the daily challenges, of lettering and of sketching/inking, I’m feeling the laziness hit me. It’s like when I stopped running, I could feel myself still able to do a 12k run easy, but the physical toll after would be some effort recovering. I can draw okay, I just really need to focus. […]

The Delayed Posts

I keep forgetting to post on this blog often. It’s not really meant to be like a serious thought process, but more to let you know I’m a legit person, thinking through legit things, and the artwork that I do create comes from a place of thought and intentional developement.   Some heavy influences over […]

Joel the Illustrator? The Painter? The Lettering Artist?

The past two months of drawing and writing challenges have been quite crazy. I haven’t imagined myself even posting up that much on Instagram, neither have I thought of myself ever painting in front of people. Painting was and is actually something very private to myself, and its something that I do when in deep […]

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