Hot Day

Sun shines bright on me

No words, just light; no control

Eternal summer.

Nice to form a haiku every now and then, I wonder if these would be appreciated.

In other news, my neighbours next door have gotten COVID. A little shocked and surprised to say the least. I keep checking to see if I’ve gotten any close contact alerts, but it seems to be alright for now. Personally I’ve been praying for the aunty who contracted it, and I hope she is ok.

This is my jam for today, it’s got all the vibes that I’m feeling. Just oozy and goozy all over the place. There’s really some spell cast over us today, Clarice and I. I think it’s a mix of the sun, and it’s just a lazy day in the middle of the week. There’s work to do for sure yeah, but honestly, work from home allows lazy days like these to be appreciated.

Either that or both of us have COVID and are experiences the side effects of tiredness. I hope its just a lazy day.

A Regular Disclaimer

Just in case! I thought it would be good to put some general guidelines and disclaimers to what I write about here.

All of these posts are my own. They’re my thoughts, they’re a blog I mean. I feel like sometimes we forget what a blog or what a vlog is. It’s not meant to be taken as fact, its just a rough idea, or a thought, or something about the passing day or time that we consider and decide to pen down. As much as it could be taken for reference later, it should be taken as creative reference. Meaning like referencing a Mona Lisa smile, or a Kafka-esque thought. More as an adjective rather than objective fact.

That’s how I perceive these posts, and I hope that you might do the same too.

Also, it’s super bright out right now, but there’s also a light drizzle. Crazy Singaporean weather. The drizzle and the sunlight makes the whole place light up, as if there’s smoke covering everything and its a bright smoke. Oh, no, wait. There IS smoke. A neighbour is burning a barrel drum of hell notes for their dead ancestors.

Yup. That’s life today.

Bubble Boys

I shall coin a new term, and I’m not going to research it right now. I thought just to put my idea out here straight away, and just to define what I think, and later I might read an article or two or three about what I’m talking about here.

Bubble Boys

Definition: Men, of different ages, but who experienced the Tech Bubble of the 90’s and early 00’s. Experienced either as a 1st hand participant: working for companies of the Tech bubble era, or as a 2nd hand observer: studying university and applying for jobs within that era.

I find that the Bubble boys, much like every other group of people labelled by their era, find themselves in a weird struggle today. Against the millennials that have risen up in their companies, or against the current flow of Gen Z’s, the daily demands of what life should be looks entirely different.

Success in itself is also lived differently. For example, I would think that the way a Bubble boy considers what a successful job would be one that allows the freedom to leave the job as and when, but at the same time, giving a great salary with great perks. Something like a win-win-win situation. I think of the Patrick Bateman of American Psycho and the Yuppie era. The Bubble boys are the same, hoping for these different perks. However, few are willing to leave the bubble and to venture into true jobless freedom. Many still hold fast to what they think they ought to keep to, to make their job appear legitimate to the previous generation stakeholders: the Baby Boomers.

The Gen Z and Millennials (G&M), on the other hand, are so comfortable not doing anything, and truly willing to be fired for standing up for what they believe in. This creates risk for the Bubble boys, as they see their next generations floating away from them bit by bit.

Thus arrives the flexible hours, and the extremely well stocked pantries and staff canteen in the major tech companies. Both Bubble boys and G&M’s like the same type of food, of course with the health nut and vegan options too. This becomes a point where the Bubble boys see as a possibility to have common ground, to share that life is indeed good, if you keep working for us.

But after that, the mindsets approaching issues are so different. Where the Bubble boy saw success with tech taking over the world, revenge of the Nerds and the like, the G&M’s saw success as having an enclave, a small group to belong to. The size might not matter as much as the deep quality of the friendships, the relationships that came with it. Authenticity as the main trade value. This was very difficult for both sides to process, and other products of similar thought came along the way.

I have a few more observations, but being a Millennial myself, I shall just end here because I have better things to do than to write more about the Bubble boys.

Just a side note: there are no Bubble girls, because the Bubble boys didn’t know how to play proper with girls. lulz. Reference: Gamergate.

Old Tees: 99 Red Luftballoons

Haruki Murakami did a long running column on Popeye Magazine, where he shared his stories behind his different t-shirts that he had. I thought I could do something similar, and maybe just to give myself a good time to say good bye to some of my things from my youth.

99 Red Luftballoons – Bought from

I had gotten this T-shirt when I was 16-17. Not my first Threadless T-shirt, but we’ll get to that one in due time. The graphic was based on the song, 99 Red Balloons by Nena. At that time, the song was also still in my head from the movie, The Wedding Singer. There was an opening portion introducing the character Julia (Drew Barrymore), and she was listening to that song on headphones.

I remember wearing this t-shirt so many times at one point, and always remembering the song as I put it on. The song itself is a real ear worm, and it just stuck in my head. I had ordered this when I was already studying Graphic Design in Temasek Design School / Temasek Polytechnic. The song was really just a part of me that remembered my childhood watching the movie, and the bits of the song coming on. The movie itself came out when I was 9 or 10, and I remember watching it over and over again, because we had the VCD.

Another memory of this was when my mother had painted a glass bottle, inspired by this red balloons. She would also try to count to see if the designer did place 99 red balloons on the t-shirt graphic. It’s quite hard to explain, but I think memories like that make it hard for me to give or throw this t-shirt out.

Right now, Clarice wears this shirt more often than I do. Not that I don’t like it, but I guess it fits her vibe for a t-shirt to wear comfortably at home.

Old Habits…

I always end up buying things, or I end up doing things in a certain way that I might not necessarily think is the most effective or efficient. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad, but the mind or the body reverts to something that they’re used to. I don’t think it’s always a fair statement to say that they’re bad habits, but I think that a lot of the time, its just how we make sense of the things that we do instead. Maybe, there’s just a simpler way to approach things, and perhaps that’s an ideal approach. Then we learn that approach but after some time, it fades, and we go back to what we’re familiar with.

The idea of getting better really comes from a Christian place, in my opinion. We have this idea of the hope of Christ, and the new creation that we become through our faith. But at the same time, we deal with the inner man and how he used to think and how he used to be. There’s a sense of freedom of that for sure. And then the ideal to work ahead for the new person, for a better, more heavenly kingdom mindset.

But this mindset might not necessarily be what the rest of society thinks or expects. Society in itself is unsure of what it ought to be many times, but currently, I would say that I would much rather assume the bible as truth, than to revert to my regular person, or towards what society deems as ideal. An ideal society would be the one that I read about, not my dreamy ideas of peace, or my humanly warped sense of justice.

And yet, these are things that I revert to sometimes…

Just another thought because the previous post was so short:

I’ve been typing on my Topre board for the past few weeks, and every day its been on the HHKB or on the RealForce. The past few days, I’ve been staying at my parents place as well, so it was really just 100% on the HHKB.

But today, coming back, I am truly happy to be typing on one of my older keyboards that I haven’t touched in some time. It really feels so good, and my fingers are smiling back at my right now, as I’m typing away.

The video of this particular keyboard is going live tomorrow morning, so you can watch it then. if you haven’t already subscribed and followed.

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Things Money Can’t Buy

It’s always a good reminder to have things in life that money can’t buy. Like family, friends, happiness or joy. Those are things worth having. Good memories, great dinners. Things that you couldn’t peg to a dollar value, and you can’t get immediately either. The dream or the movie family might sound unreal, but also kinda achievable if you’ve put in the effort right. It’s not really about replicating a movie scene, but more towards understanding your family and friends better. It’s not that everyone gets the best life experience from the start, but changes to try and get things right along the way help everyone as well.

Those are things that are worth trying to get, and at the same time, those are almost impossible to get without the right effort. Can’t trade things for them, but so many times, it’s just something that we wish we could have more chances to have the older we get.


It’s my birthday, and it’s been 32 years since.

There’s many ways to think about it, but one of the things I’m really most thankful for today and this time is really how much I’ve been seeing myself grow in the past few years. It’s been extremely reflective this past two years, and I’ve been learning many things about myself, and the things and events that have made me who I am today.

I’ve always thought of my current age as a comparison against all the other people who became famous at my current age. Like when I was in my twenties, I thought about how Taylor Swift was so famous and doing so many things. I thought about the Christian writer Joshua Harris and how he started out writing by then already. Of course, we wouldn’t necessarily say that life was so so much better for them, but I was still kinda envious.

I still think that now, and it’s one of the things that motivate me to keep on at what I do. I still think that I wish I had that world wide level of fame. I don’t say it much, but it’s something I do consider.

But in the past few years, I’ve understood a different kind of life set out for me. Maybe I might not be that famous person who has changed the world. I’ve seen that I’ve changed the lives of the people around me, in little bits, or in large parts. I’ve seen that I’m a friend, and that I’m not necessarily the star, but these aren’t bad parts at all. Maybe they’re actually the even bigger parts.

I don’t have to wish for fame anymore, because just being me, I’m kinda famous already. My friends all know me, and that’s fame enough. Might sound like a compromise, but I am truly happy for all the friends that I’ve gotten to know over my 32 years. Some longer than others, but I am thankful for all of them. They are the best people in the world, that fame will never understand. My friends are so directly important and precious to me, that I will really miss their presence if it were taken away.

So even though I still think about what world impact I could do and change, I still know that at the end of the day, I’ve already achieved that. I know that I have close friends that love and cherish me for all that I am. I am super thankful for that, and I’m glad I don’t have to think if they’re here for my money or my fame in itself, but they’re just here for me. That’s awesome.

I’ll be here for them too. Or there for them. I’ll be with them. Because I know that all of it matters, and it’s been really an amazing journey with all of them.

The most of all being Clarice, who has really changed me in the biggest ways. At 32, other than my parents, I don’t know anyone else more loving to me than she is.

Maybe one day this will be a speech, but a speech for my friends, who have stood by me all this time. They’re the best, and I really wish I had more time to write these things, but I’m off to spend more time with my family, and friends too.

What a life I’ve gotten to live. I am so thankful to God for carrying me through all this, and to all the friends He has given me. So so so so so thankful.

Learning Points

I remembered reading once or twice from friends that they would chance upon the blog every now and then, and then I thought to myself, maybe there should be more intentional learning points.

I didn’t really work on that, until yesterday, I thought about it again.

So here’s a learning point:

Never skip a step in a instructional manual

I mean this is common sense, but a lot of people lack it.

Most of the things we have bought or purchased, they’re not actually something we’re familiar with. Unless you’ve gotten it before. But even then, if you just assumed that you know how to use something without reading the manual, that’s a huge assumption.

Someone on the development team would have sat down and wrote the step by step instructions, covering every need you’d require with that tool. There was a reason for it being written, and it would not hurt you in any way to read it.

In fact, there are a lot of instructions around us most of the time, that tells you what to do and what not to do, and following that would result in optimal use.

But a lot of the time, we don’t read it, and it just ends up spoiling, or not working so well. Then it breaks down and then we get another thing.

So save us all some effort, and be appreciative of the guy who wrote the stuff down, and just read the manual, and don’t skip a step.

If you think about it, the only things that don’t have a manual are usually idiot proof things. So you could be an idiot and be happy with that, or you could just read the manual and not be an idiot.

The Life I Choose to Live

I’m in constant dilemma in my life. I’m really enjoy watching videos about single bag trips, or a guy living out of a bag for years, or about minimalism and being able to live with nothing or very little things.

But at the same time, I really love having the things that I have, and I love the choices I have, for even things like keyboards and shoes and all that.

I can never decide, and I guess I’ll enjoy the thought of the minimalism, but I’ll just live happy with the much that I have.