Keyboard Thoughts: Why Type?

I think that there’s a lot to say about this. But maybe I’ll put it forward in a way that I think makes sense to me.

I’ve been on this whole keyboard tirade for the past few months. It’s slowing down now purely because I’m really maxing out my budget. I also only have one pair of hands, and that limits how much typing I can do in a day. This doesn’t mean that I’m not interested, but I’m just really slowing down to appreciate it a lot more.

So why type? What’s the deal with typing and this whole approach to it that I would pour in so much cash, and time, and effort, just to make letters appear on screen? Is there a point to it, other than just plain aesthetics?

For starters, being trained in design, I do not necessarily agree with the design choices that are presented by the majority of keyboard creators. Many use really standardized typefaces, and they sit blandly on the keycaps. Some do experiment, and they make you smile when you see the type face. One of these is Biip, and his keycap designs are always striking. They hold character.

Also that RGB, yes yes no? Or maybe no no yes? That bright bar of rainbow colored light just shooting into my eyes. I must admit it has definitely grown on me, rather than me abstaining from it. I used to turn it off immediately when the underglow would start. The stark brightness that just doesn’t make sense. What’s the design problem that they were trying to solve? That dark tables needed lighting? The Apple keyboards had shine through and that works for us great, I think? But there it is, just sitting there, glowing now on the very keyboard I am typing on.

So what’s the point? Hitting the keys on this chunky bulk, instead of the wireless light taps that we make on the modern keyboard attached to our laptops, or the bluetooth keyboards that are stuck magnetically to our tablet screens. What is the draw?

I would say preference is the draw. Preference is this word referring to the hot mess of “I’ll do me, you’ll do you”. Preference dictates that gaudy colors shooting out as you type is okay, because that’s what you like. That’s you doing you. Preference means that I don’t have to stick with the shine-through of the Apple Keyboards. Preference is what makes it work.

Preference pops up quite often in our lives. We have preferences in the way phones that we use. We have preferences in the colors and looks of the clothing that we put on. Preferences also lie between the choices of what kind of utensils, even though fine dining has its set rules. Preferences mean that for some of my meals, I would just like to have a cheese burger please. It means that for others, they would have a salad instead. This means to say that, in the way I am choosing to type, I am choosing to type based on the preference I have at the moment.

This choice is arbitrary. I would like to say it is not logical. There is no logic to why someone would choose one keyboard preference over another, the same way why we have no “logic” to what clothes we choose to wear. We might have programmed a routine, but to assign a general color to the public sounds completely ridiculous. I am choosing to type with a NovelKey Cream switch, because I can, and I choose to. I like the sound it makes today. I might not feel this way tomorrow, but we can work it out then. I like the options that I can have with mechanical keyboards, and the world just feels better a little bit.

Just like the expensive running shoes that I had bought to get me started on running, I feel the need to type a lot more when I have a nice keyboard beneath my fingertips. I feel the need to also be accurate, and to type really fast so that the noise of the clacks just ring into my ears. It just snaps so well.

I have other sounds to liken it to, like the sound of skateboarding on tiled floors. The sound of rain when it hits a piece of cloth. The sound of coffee beans grinding in a hand grinder. The sound of a hi hat in a drum beat. The sound of rhythm, the sound of a beat. But this beat just taps its way around and on your fingers. There’s no need for fidgeting; you’re already letting your fingers dance on an exciting dance floor.

Because of all that, my happy fingers would like to tell you, that this is why I type, and why I type on a mechanical keyboard.

Starting out 2021 with a Clack

So! Here we are, at the start of another year. I think I wrote a lot more this year than in previous years, and it’s pretty nice. They even have some fancy updates for the WordPress stock templates, which is So Much Easier for me. I don’t like to think through these things about websites and all that much anymore. That being said, I think coding is still a pretty fun thing to get started with. Maybe it could be something that I get more into in the months to come.

Or maybe I just get used to the things that I already have coming. I have built a few too many keyboards for someone who just got into the Mechanical Keyboard hobby in three months. If you are reading this, and you’re interested, hit me up on Instagram and we can make something happen.

I’ve been writing little reviews of keyboard things on my discord channel, which is meant for other things but the only thing actually active is keyboard discussions. At this point, I would call it an unhealthy obsession, but that would be admitting that I have an issue with keyboards. The horrors of the truth are reasons why ignorance will always be bliss.

Maybe I do read a bit too much about keyboards. I have honestly watched so many reviews and listened to so many typing tests that I can honestly tell you the sound profiles that I like. I can also tell you how I feel having been typing or trying to touch type for the past few months. I still hit my backspace with my ring finger instead of my pinky. And my letter B with my right hand instead of my left. The things you find out when you get into split keyboards.

But I think one of the biggest learning points for me is really the way that life works. The “Needs” vs the “wants”. Things that are good to have, or things that are nice to have, and how all that plays for us in everyday life. Sometimes, we keep waiting, or hoping for the best things to appear, but the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is how The Best is something totally preferential.

So this year starts with a clack, not a bang. It starts small, consistently, and builds itself around. Last year was such a year to find out about myself, and this year won’t be much different, I imagine. Life will remain somewhat mysterious for myself, and we will eventually get through it.

Maybe I’ll post some pictures of my keyboard builds here. I currently have not posted them on social media for long, only for stories. The therapy of building a keyboard can really suck me away for hours on end.

Another maybe, I might start writing stories to place here. I used to write on Medium, or on my own spaces. But maybe now, I’ll house them here, and maybe even do some graphics to go with. We’ll see how that goes.

also subscribe to my youtube if you haven’t already.

Learning How To

Learning is so difficult, and yet we never stop. But sometimes learning how to do something is one of the most frustrating experiences to go through.

Today, I fiddled with one of my keyboards in an attempt to desolder it. I had killed my last board whilst desoldering, and I was trying my best not to repeat that process today. I spent the past few days watching all sorts of videos on desoldering, in hope that the visual learning would impact the actual way that I could do it.

It didn’t help. Maybe it did, but in my mind, it could have gone a lot better. Maybe if I had a better set of equipment, I would be able to apply my learning better. I will be receiving some new equipment soon, after the Black Friday buys of the week before. Maybe then my practical work would improve.

But learning how to do something is so hard.

Learning how to care for people is even harder. You would think that being human, you would all be the same, but everyone is different. In fact, everyone is so different that labels should really not be applied. There is no same way that everyone sees the world. Instead, we see it through the lens that we see. Our parents, who nurtured our lens, see the world completely different from us.

And it’s hard to learn to love, because I would give and take love so differently from other people. My wife is my good and able volunteer in this, and we learn from each other. We know this, and we acknowledge it, through our marriage.

But what about strangers, or friends? We only have our simple bond or agreement over something, and nothing more. Can we still learn to love?

I have no answers. I see and watch what people recommend, through books, through movies, through podcasts, through all forms of recorded communication, but nothing is the same as the every day interactions that I have. I have my wife, who sharpens me, and trains me to be a better communicator, and a better person who loves. But that makes me only the best person for my wife. I still need to practice and be a better friend to many more people.

So learning how to is just difficult as a whole. And yet, we can be much better people at the end of it. I like that, and I look forward to seeing myself in a better place after the years have gone by.

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Creating for Me

There are some days when I wake up and think about all the random projects that I have done, even this blog. And I wonder why or who am I writing all this for? There might be one or two people coming in to read, or to see because they were linked to it from before, but really, it’s not that much.

So at the end of the day, I’m making for me. Am I interested in the things that I’m making? Because if I’m not, then what’s going to to keep me going in the stuff that I do? Because of that, I find that my content that I created is very closely linked to the hobbies that I’m interested in doing. I don’t have that deep drive that pushes just because. I would like that yes, but I find that my hobbies push my content, and along with that, when I feel like I have nothing I’m wholeheartedly interested about, I don’t create anything.

I enjoy the processing of making things. I really do. I like putting my thoughts out on these posts; I really like drawing and seeing lines form an image; it’s therapeutic. Maybe its cathartic. It’s the feelings of excitement deep down inside me that is spilling over, and I desperately want tell everyone everything that I currently know about the topic that I’m reading up about.

And at the same time, I only want to tell me. I want to hear myself saying the things that I already know, and I want to see what I have been thinking about, and to applaud myself a job well done. I have become my own echo chamber, and honestly I’m quite okay with that. Because at the end of the day, if I do work that is for someone else’s approval, I end up being reliant on people for what they think.

But I think I really just need to finish the Seth Godin book about Tribes. It might be great to find my tribe. Until then, I’ll just be making for me.

Superficial Motivation

Just Do It, but not really. It’s hard to get started, its hard to make yourself get going. In fact, it’s down right not logical. Why would anyone want to work? It’s hard. It’s easy to lie down and just stay asleep or just stare into nothingness, because even TV dramas put you through such difficult times in their emotional ups and downs.

So what gets me going? I think it sounds silly, but this very simple idea of superficial motivation. My clothes, the choice of food, the keyboard I use, the shoes I wear, these things add up. It sounds silly, considering that we are supposed to be working towards this sense of being really functional human being with no emotional swings, but hey, who cares about logical conclusions when your logic tells you that there’s no point working so hard just to die eventually?

So I choose to live everyday, and to live it in the way that I am not stressed about, and instead, I have my best experience every day. I have the best experience typing, I have the best experience walking around in the shoes that I enjoy, I am able to carry a bag that I chose and packed together.

I think that’s my current state of mind, I’m really happy to just be here and enjoy the everyday part of life. The sounds of typing motivate me in my work. I feel energised to do something productive, to make sense of my words. My increase in posts here is really because of that. I honestly don’t care if any one or no one reads, but I’m writing this because I want to, and I enjoy it.

That’s me today. Might not be me tomorrow, but I’m good with this.

My thoughts were after this video:

and this one:


How do you talk to someone who doesn’t understand where you’re coming from? Is the point that you need to push across that important? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t but I think many times, miscommunication is really a matter of pride and ego. Thank the stoics for their high objectivity, and their reminders of where to place the self in an argument or discussion. If one is misunderstood, where or what should one think or feel after? Should one reach compromise or settle at misunderstanding?

My thoughts is that the one being misunderstood needs to accept his misunderstood statements, and realize that the world might not ever understand him at his face value. Does this change the way that the world responds to him? It does not. But it does mean that he has no burden to carry towards the misunderstanding. He knows and expects it. He is understanding that the world will most probably misunderstand, unless he clearly explains himself. More than that, there is a necessity to explain himself clearly all the time, because of the expected misunderstanding.

But it doesn’t end there. He is more likely to get misunderstood all over again. Even though he is explaining more, and trying to make sense even more. That feeling and that processing is difficult, because the explanations themselves are misunderstood.

And that is where the misunderstood person needs to accept that no one will understand him completely, and its okay. For those that do understand, that’s a great plus point, and friendships can be forged over understanding. For those who don’t understand, that’s also great, because friendships can also be forged over misunderstanding. More time can be spent to help understand people, instead of understanding points.

This would be immensely more valuable, and honestly, it might help understanding.

The End is Nearing.

Like really it is. 2020 has been a crazy year, by anyone’s measure. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been living under a rock, because at this point, I think the world is hoping that everyone does live under a rock. It would help to lower the rampant COVID numbers in the world. We had pegged so many things to this year, it was Olympics, it was having a whole range of activities, and like exciting climaxes, and yet, almost none of them took place. Where does that leave us? Are we okay, that almost nothing happened?

One key thing that I learnt to question: Why haven’t you done whatever you had aimed to do today? Do you actually think that you have any control over tomorrow? In that vein, why do you think you have tomorrow in the first place?

If anything I learnt, it was to work on whatever I could today. I don’t mean to say that my days were in tip top condition, that I was ultra productive. In fact, it was most probably the other way around instead. I found myself struggling to do anything because I felt that I wasn’t going to make a dent in the universe.

But that’s also a large learning, what can you, as a single person, do to make any dent in the world at all? We can’t make sense of it, and instead, we find ourselves two weeks behind on a workout plan. Maybe it even hit a few months since you cleaned up your house.

So why seize today if it doesn’t matter, or if it doesn’t change?

Because it does, eventually. Whether we liked it or not, we are at the end of 2020. Time moved ahead, even though we struggled to deal with it. If you haven’t exercised, then there’s a high chance that you’re in a different shape from how you started this year as. Seize today, because it might slip, and you would find that you wouldn’t stay still. You would continue to grow, and grow into a person that you might not like all that well.

Do something today, and not wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow might not have the same environment that today has. Don’t plan huge yearly plans that flop, but just make today count a little bit. No dents, but its that little push every day that gets the piano across the room.

That’s what I tell myself anyway.

A Weekly Dose of Whachamacallit

Some days start off real good. Some days get really funky, and you have no idea why. I think its because everyone has days when they just need a bit of that. You know? That… fizz? That… sense of excitement? It’s just unknown and yet every one knows that days can get really long and arduous without them.

I find mine snacks, sweet or savory. That perk me up, no matter what my diet might be at that time. Sometimes its not food, because no matter how much I’ve eaten, I’m still listless. That’s when I tend to get into a new hobby. I dive deep, and find myself broke (financially) on the other side.

Whatever you might call it, you know you need it. It’s kinda human, it’s kinda like gluttony. But its best we know what it is, so that we can give ourselves weekly doses of whatever we might call it. So that we can get ourselves going on our lives just fine.

Keyboard Life Part 1

I actually started a discord just for me to write about keyboards in. I feel like there’s way too much in my brains that goes on and on about keyboards all day long. I feel things like touch typing as important, I feel that the way we press things needs to be well experienced. That finger push that could make your day just that little bit happier, and maybe its all just placebo. But is it really, if I’ve spent so long on it? Just like how people spend so long looking at finance, and making a big deal out of paper that is noted. I’m just looking at an item that I need to make, and not trust some governmental agency to dictate its price for.

What a world we live in, where mechanical keyboards in its true complexity has made my jam. What a world indeed.

Major learning about keyboard life this week: an ergonomic split keyboard can include a lot more functionality than a full size keyboard. This is because most ergos have more specialization in their build.

Today’s writing is brought to you by:
Tokyo60, with Drop Invyr Holy Panda Switches, and SA 9009 Keycaps. The sound and pressing is really such a great feel. I am enjoying every bit of this post.

the point in life

where you really just don’t know what’s exactly going on.

I think I’ve dived into too many hobbies at this point, and yet, I feel quite bored about them all, and extremely excited at the same time. This year of COVID and the whole break from society gave me a bunch of things to do, and a lot for myself to process. I really enjoyed doing the artist way this year, and I got into tapes, into vinyls, into CDs again, and now I’m into mechanical keyboards. I really think that there’s so much that one can do in a life, and I think I’m hitting a number of them at one time.

Key things that you need to know about mechanical keyboards.
  1. You should test it out and hear it for yourself before you actually start making one.
  2. Aim for the endgame one straight away, the best keyboard you would ever want to have.
  3. If you’re doing it for fun, then remember that you’re committing to something that will always take time, and cost a lot of money.
Key things you need to know about the artist way
  1. It sucks to wake up early, but after that it sucks to wake up late.
  2. Get cheap paper and cheap pens, so that you don’t have to buy expensive paper to fit your expensive pens and their expensive pen ink.
  3. Reflect on your reflections, if not it gets wasted.
Key things about recording tapes on a boom box
  1. It snaps and peaks when you press it too hard.
  2. Radio stations have ads (I forgot)
  3. Remember to check how much you have recorded so far before you start recording, so that it doesn’t die out half way while recording
Key things about vinyls
  1. Cost money.
  2. Takes time to listen, obviously. But it takes time.
  3. Remember to flip them, and to store them after the sides are done.
Key things to know about touch typing
  1. It slows down the way that you currently type
  2. It makes you feel really weird about the way you type, and you’ll never type the same way again.

Honestly, I’m writing this post because I’m done doing typing tests for today, and I wanted something to put on the site, because I haven’t posted anything for ages. Plus, I really wanted to type.