Having had a few blogs before and the usual attempts of trying to record my life in different ways, I find myself asking, why another blog and now on of all places?

And so these answers are for myself, more so, than for you, the reader.

What does trisected mean to me?

At random, the single word that seemed to describe the sense I get about my life. It was the equal division of three or more parts of my life. Whether they would come together wasn’t the question, but more of a decision to take them apart. And I guess at this stage, it’s a willful attempt to say that it has passed, and now my view of it is from the future.

The splits

Or the divisions, my head was toying with either word. But splits sounds funnier.

The Creative

The part of me that most people know, or recognize with. Joel the person who can design or draw or do letter things.

The Christian

The part of me that holds daily. Joel the guy who went to do Christian work, and is continually learning and growing. I am changed by what God has shown me about what he has done, and that makes me really consider and think through many things.

This blog stands as that. I understand a little bit about God, and I don’t know, or I try to be as creative as I can be at the same time. These things might or might not come together, and most of the time, I feel only a small group of people do think through these different categories, trying to synthesize them. This blog becomes as a place for me to think aloud and document for myself how my thoughts change over the years.

I don’t expect everyone to agree, but hopefully you would share your thoughts with me too, as I continue posting my different ideas and thoughts.

Thanks for reading so far, and otherwise, do look forward to hearing more from me.


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