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I think in the past week I’ve found myself with extreme motivation to create or to make something. It’s stemmed from an idea that I stop procrastinating, I was looking for a biblical idea of it, but it seems to be ambiguous.

I’ve been drawing, thinking, writing, cleaning, basically doing many things. Activity has increased dramatically because of this, but I don’t find myself very much fulfilled. It’s not helped me to deal with the need to create any better, but instead I feel like I need to create even more.

How does one adjust to their creative hunger? Is there an over production?

I watched a group of people unboxing one of Mark Gonzales’ storage space to showcase as artwork, and he had so many things. He created so much, he took so much, and everything was possible to be used and resold. How does an artist deal with their constant development and growth? I don’t necessarily agree that everything should be marketed and resold, but the actual amount produced is beyond what would remain in the artist’s active mind.

I feel like the line to draw is fine, and yet I would still create all the same.

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