Life in 2019

The last time I wrote something here was in Dec 2017, and I think with a constant influx of new people clicking through my site, it would be great to update something.

First, I’ve been actively doing Inktobers every year.

Inktober is a month of daily drawing in October, and after the first year of trying to follow the list of suggestions, I’ve just been doing themes that I enjoyed. I’ve done shoes last year, and this year I’m doing Kanye West’s clothing line, Yeezy. It’s not the easiest project to approach, but you would need a lot of time, and a subject or theme with enough pictures to give you some consistency for 31 days.

Secondly, I’ve been having a lot more conversations and interactions on Instagram Stories.

Where previously, Instagram posts were the place for comments and discussions, Instagram stories have been my go to these days. Comments, opinions, thoughts, and random posts from the day, are on my feed, and you could follow me there to see what I’m up to.

Thirdly, my urban sketching has been very low key.

I haven’t had time to join for the range of outings, because of a busy schedule (explained shortly). I’ve also been more intentional in drawing on my iPad, or just for myself and my own appreciation. After reading a lot more about the artists of old, there is a good place to just have art that I would enjoy making on my own.

Fourth, most importantly, I’ve gotten married this year!

I was married in June, to my beautiful wife, Clarice. We went for our honeymoon in Osaka, and Kyoto, and currently we are living on our own, while waiting for our BTO (Built To Order) apartment, that will be ready in 2021.

A lot of these art projects were started with her prompting, and encouragement. She has been a great source of strength for times when my thoughts fight against me. Being newly wed, I’m also learning how to love my wife the best way possible, and at the same time, learning how to express myself as a husband.

Lastly, I’ve been in Singapore Bible College, and will be there for a year.

I wasn’t sure if I would have ever said this out loud, but I thought it would be interesting to see how people would think and react to this. I am studying Intercultural Studies, for a graduate diploma. I picked this course because of the type of things that I would get to learn, about other cultures, about people types. I find myself looking forward to classes, and I am very excited to write more intentionally in the future. Hopefully, if everything goes well, I might be able to share better the aspects of culture that I think more people can be educated about, and what I can update about my views of youth culture and art culture too.

I’ll try my best to update here often, bi-weekly if possible, if not monthly.

Leave a thought for me to reply you about! I would love to hear what any of you think. 🙂

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