The Delayed Posts

I keep forgetting to post on this blog often. It’s not really meant to be like a serious thought process, but more to let you know I’m a legit person, thinking through legit things, and the artwork that I do create comes from a place of thought and intentional developement.


Some heavy influences over the past year:

Kim Jung Gi  / Virgil Abloh / Paul Heaston / Sinix / Casey Neistat / Tony Chua / Lin Chan / Mateusz Urbanowicz / Jake Parker

Ideas and thoughts usually come from all over the place whenever I’m thinking through, and I’m usually quite apprehensive as I approach the actual artwork and developement. I’m not that confident, and I really need the psyching up.

Just a reflection of the time past, I’ve been stuffing myself with so much art and drawing videos. Video in the morning, some motivational stuff later in the day, and a lot of it just goes through the importance of Practice. It gets you more comfortable, your strokes get more developed and its just generally easier to start whenever you see a blank page. I’m no where near a pro level of just pen to paper and a masterpiece is there. The sponatiety of just doing something in pen straight is something I’ve always enjoyed, so there’s always a need to take some steps back to assess how I’ve drawn so far, and how much more I want to try and learn and get better. The pen kinda forces you to just do it. You need to make a mark, and that mark can’t really fail. Its just what you turn it into next, how do you draw it out, and that’s the part that makes the huge difference.

The practice, practices, sweating under the sun, everything related to rehearsing the line, can’t just be kept as practice. it’s live every time, you’re really doing it. The more leeway you give yourself to think that it’s okay to not do that piece so well, you lose the edge that boosts you to learn and try harder. Or at least thats the mentality that I take with me on the drawings. And thats why my artwork turns out the sketchy way it does, because in my practice, I’m just going ahead with it.

And if I bail, I just hope it looks good.


I’ll talk more about influences next time. Hopefully soon, before I forget to again. lol.