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  • New Hobbies: F1, Chess

    I have to be upfront about it somewhere, so maybe this is it… Drive to Survive really got some new people into the world of F1, and I was definitely sunk in after watching it during the COVID Pandemic lockdowns. It gave me something to look forward to, and it was just outright exciting. As […]

  • Questions about keyboards that I still have today – Mar 2023

    There are some things that I’ve been thinking really hard about, especially in the past few months of work, and with keyboards: When people were in the keyboard hobby in the 90’s, how did they stick around interested for so long? I am really learning so much about perseverance through this hobby, and learning how […]

  • The “Perfect Time”

    I think – I really am in the middle of thinking – that I am waiting for the perfect time. This time of ideal work and realization that actually never exists. But everyone who has waited for the “perfect time” to do something totally knows what I mean. I’m waiting for the right time to […]

  • Protect ya hands

    I injured my hands after a trip to the grocery store the other day. I had done some climbing before that so my hands were already quite strained. Then I decided to go and try carry back some groceries. Quite very unnecessary, but I’m glad I had food nonetheless. But unnecessary because of the pain […]

  • Sick moves mate

    Moving into a new place brings some troubles. More joy, but a little bit, some troubles. Dust is really the main culprit. I have a really bad allergic reaction to dust, and it gets me rubbed the wrong way round all day long. Last night, I thought it was a genius thing to unbox and […]

  • Setting Boundaries

    Clarice mentioned the word Boundaries to me today, and I’m reminded of the space of boundaries, and margins. I learnt during a seminar of sorts a few years back, that I need to set margins in my life. The margins keep space for you to handle urgent last minute things in life. I’ve not really […]

  • Back to Basics

    I’m typing on a mechanical keyboard once again. It took some time, but finally, finally, back to some 3-4mm travel. No more flat laptop keyboards to survive through the day. I was wondering why this matters so much to me, and I think it comes down to some basic things that I tend to live […]

  • Moving on

    We’ve just moved! Clarice and I have spent the past few weeks packing on end, and just trying to survive our day to day. It’s been quite insane, and there’s always this idea of needing to move looming over our heads. “Have we packed enough for today?” “Did we forget anything?” “Will our movers be […]

  • First Update for the Year 2023

    It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything, and this might be my first post for the year, across all platforms. Here’s a rough of what’s been up so far: Moving Currently, my apartment is coming to fruition! It’s been a five year wait since putting a down payment, and finally now, our renovations are […]

  • Updates on Life after Junah

    It’s been a week since, and I thought to update everyone how things have been on the pet side of things. I’m still sad, but I think many of my friends have comforted me. I have had people to talk to, and other friends who have also lost pets have grieved alongside in the past […]

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