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  • Updates on Life after Junah

    It’s been a week since, and I thought to update everyone how things have been on the pet side of things. I’m still sad, but I think many of my friends have comforted me. I have had people to talk to, and other friends who have also lost pets have grieved alongside in the past […]

  • Remembering Junah

    My neighbour’s dog, that really became my dog too, just passed away this evening. I was out at a dinner, and I came back late because there was someone needing help on my way back. Along the corridor, my neighbour, the elderly uncle, sat there and said, Junah si diao. (Junah died). I looked inside, […]

  • The Tragedy of Happiness

    There was a man who sought joy and happiness. He searched high and low. He painted himself with attractive bright colors to appear happy and joyful. Then he started to seek thrills, sought success, sought money, power, and fame. He tried everything and anything. As he sat down one day, exhausted in his search, he […]

  • How Medium introduced me to Kanye West

    (I wrote this on Medium first, but I thought to share it here since I mentioned that I’ve been writing on Medium. Follow me there please 🙂 ) I’m not trying to point fingers but I really did not like the guy before reading some of these articles. Medium was a fresh new idea in […]

  • Hisashiburi

    It’s been awhile blog. So long that I had to go to my site to check when was the last post I made. I apologise for my absence, here’s some updates of what’s been happening: There’s probably a few other things that I forgot about, but I think that’s more or less that I’m mainly […]

  • Growing up Part 982345897234

    I don’t think anyone ever prepares you for the multiple times that you have to go through different changes, learning different things and different parts of your life. I guess some people warn you, like your parents, or family members who are concerned enough to say something. But it’s not like we actually listen to […]

  • Turning 33

    I don’t think I approached turning this age easily. I don’t think anyone approaches age as something simple these days, but instead, we approach it as if we have ought to have cleared certain milestones, or some levels of some sort by this time. By this time, my dad who was 33, already had me […]

  • Another Day, Another Channel

    I decided that it was going to be a bit too much to merge my thoughts onto my keyboard channel, and so, one of things that I need to start is to start developing for my side channel. Perhaps my side channel would end up being the main, but the point being that I can’t […]

  • What I Learnt Watching All Mission Impossible Movies back to back

    I did this purely for the fun of it, and there are some really interesting things that I found out. Context: Mission Impossible is a spy movie that stars Tom Cruise. This is a classic action show but sprinkled with some spy elements. But honestly with the amount of things that get blown up, or […]

  • Connections

    I always wonder who comes to this site, and how you found me. If you’ve read this, just comment and let me know. I’ve been thinking about it because I think on this site, on this page, I’ve got such a wide range of interests and thoughts, and I have no idea what draws people […]

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