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  • Making things up

    What a click bait title! O-M-G! But I think sometimes when I write here, or if I’m just talking about things that I like, sometimes it feels like I’m making things up. Not that I’m lying about things, but it feels as if there’s only that much that’s really going on. Maybe the feeling of […]

  • Old Routines

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve used a fully split keyboard to type with. They’ve been blank, without keycaps, switches and just left alone. But I decided to restart some hobbies that I haven’t done for a long time for the sake of retraining my brain again. It’s not easy typing on full […]

  • My Bad

    I’ve been avoiding writing for a few days now. I have some idea why, and it’s related to why my videos go up slow on YouTube as well, and why I don’t post anything on Instagram much either. I think I’m dealing with my disappointments of the previous occasions. I don’t think I’m that good […]

  • Updates from Down Under!

    It’s been some time since the last update, but basically I was trying to clear things so that I could prepare well for my trip to Melbourne. I also think that I had over estimated the things I wanted to do, and I planned a few too many things over each other. Had even double […]

  • Missed Steps

    Typing on: Vintage Cherry Black Switches, spring swapped to 63.5G+ Springs from ThicThock, soldered onto a WT60-D WeirdFlex, with a Polycarbonate Plate, and mounted into a Resin Case. Typing with MT3 Extended 2048. I felt like I really wanted to tell someone that, because I walked by one of the tech fairs in Singapore, and […]

  • In my head

    There are so many things that I was supposed to have done, like blog here daily, or to rearrange my room, or do up my YouTube channels properly, or write my attempt at the NaNoWriMo. But everything seems to be “ok, I can do this later” and its all being done in one way or […]

  • Hot Summer

    It’s been a really hot few days in Singapore. Everything’s in this mess of “what are we to do now”. Housing mortgage loans went up, so everyone’s trying to get in with the government loans instead. The train services went mad for a weekend, and people couldn’t go home for some time. It feels like […]

  • Missing Days

    I’ve just completed my last day of work officially. I was working in a church, and it has been a good two years of work, to the day exactly. I started on the 6th of July 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, and now we are on the 6th of July 2022. And time […]

  • Uncertain Fears: YouTube

    I’ve posted a new video on YouTube today, and it really took some part of me to make that happen. I actually showed my face, gasp, and unlike other times, like on stream, I actually had to edit myself. It was honestly an uncomfortable experience, and I spent the last few days questioning myself about […]

  • Starting Points

    In many ways, a lot of why I started writing a lot more here is because of Seth Godin and his blog. I love this guy, and I love the way he thinks about so many things, because it feels like what I would have done if given the courage to just do it. Maybe […]

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