Re Reading: Mere Christianity


In the past month, I’ve begun to re-read Mere Christianity with one of my friends. It’s a very interesting book that breaks down a lot of basic ideas that I seemed to have taken for granted. Basic principles like Good and Bad, things that we assume, and it’s something brought out clearly again.

We’re only just finishing the first book, and starting on the second, and for some reason, I feel that the ideas address bigger issues that we’re dealing with in the world now. The timelessness of issues of moral right and wrong, and the relativism that we face in modern day, create more space for disagreements, than to create platforms of understanding. We are more aimless than before, having less of an answer that more people can agree to. The people who stand for their clear cut right and wrong end up dealing with a great deal of questions that don’t help, but delay decisions further.

Being a part of this generation, I feel like I have to create or develop my own understanding from this. Or to make the one above clearer so that more people can understand or agree or disagree. But I’ll just leave with the promise that I will update again about it, and perhaps, just maybe, I would form a finalized idea and stand about all of this.

p.s. I hope you can read sarcasm.


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