Making things up

What a click bait title! O-M-G!

But I think sometimes when I write here, or if I’m just talking about things that I like, sometimes it feels like I’m making things up. Not that I’m lying about things, but it feels as if there’s only that much that’s really going on. Maybe the feeling of how I feel on keyboard’s really isn’t all that detailed. Maybe that experience that I had isn’t that much to build on. Maybe it’s just a joke of some sort.

But in so many ways, this whole culture of growing what we think ought to be shared becomes something that I end up standing by and agreeing with, as I do things like vlog, or make videos on YouTube. It’s just what we need to understand each other better.

The opposite is if I just said, yeah you can type with any keyboard. Then there would be no fun to doing any or half of the things that I do on the channel.

But I guess that’s the part, I’m trying to be real, and not to make up what I’m actually feeling. And that’s the part needs to be tempered every now and then. It helps to have friends that are real, to tell me if I’m being nonsensical in the things that I say. They help to balance me if I’m saying something just way too crazy, or laugh at me for being ridiculous. It’s a good break from myself so much of the time.

Anyway, my youtube keyboard videos have been going up consistently, but a part of me really wishes I did more things for the other parts of my life. I deeply wanted to do that last month, but I just got too busy living it and chilling out. And now I’m in a new job, and things are moving on again. So it feels like its all moving along without me having a chance to try and build something.

But we’ll see how things go. I’m keen to explore some other methods of getting footage, or editing. We’ll see how things go from there I guess.





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