Old Routines

It’s been a really long time since I’ve used a fully split keyboard to type with. They’ve been blank, without keycaps, switches and just left alone. But I decided to restart some hobbies that I haven’t done for a long time for the sake of retraining my brain again. It’s not easy typing on full splits again, I think it’s really been a good year since putting them on to try and type a full post or paragraph of things, but here we are, typing on the Lily58.

Lily58 with Rara Switches and SA Oblivion Keycaps

I spent the day, literally day, going through all my switches, and closing up some of them that were unbuilt for too long. There was a period of time last year, where I was on the frakenswitch trial of making as many frankenswitch recipes as possible. And that ended up with me having bags of switch parts thrown around my keyboard cupboard. Normally, that wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but I think today, I just wanted to sort things out, so that I could start finishing up some boards.

It was like a good part of my keyboard journey stopped abruptly last year, and this year I tried in bits and pieces to revive it. I feel like restarting it appropriately right now, but honestly, perhaps my approach to this hobby should be more measured this time, not jumping into huge purchases, but testing over and over and over again on multiple boards for the true best case scenario of each board or switch or combination.

In any case, its not like I’ll have the capital to get into anything really big. I’ve got a few things at home to start saving for now, and I’m finding my pace in my new old job now. I didn’t manage to jump onto the YouTube train the way that I had hoped, but I have now two videos in edit library that I will get sorted hopefully before the month ends. I have 9 more days, or 8 actually, but yeah, hopefully I get something out by this week. That would be a great aim actually.

I miss having time to sit down and type slowly, or learning a new board format (in this case relearning). A part of me enjoys the repetitive action of just lubing switches, or rearranging things. It’s a mental stretching exercise: something that’s not too tiring, but at the same time, it’s not exactly letting my brain go completely relaxed.

I hope to write more again. I hope to do more keyboard stuff again. I started skating again last Friday, and sketching has kicked back in consistently for Saturday. Who knows, I really might be living the dream with my work pace balancing out totally by this year end!






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