Turning 33

I don’t think I approached turning this age easily. I don’t think anyone approaches age as something simple these days, but instead, we approach it as if we have ought to have cleared certain milestones, or some levels of some sort by this time.

By this time, my dad who was 33, already had me and my sister, and I can’t imagine how he felt then. I don’t think he was a lot more certain of life that I was, but they had me already by then. More than that, my parents were trying their best then to just have fun in life, not that they were specifically planning for kids. My mum always tells me that they were initially saving for the first Macintosh, but instead, I came along and they had to work out what to do. A lot more expensive than a Mac for sure.

I don’t think times have changed that much. Amongst my friends, my parents are one of the younger ones. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have expectations of myself for I had hoped to be at by now. That being said, the expectations and ideals that one has when they’re in their twenties, compared to actually living out their lives in their thirties is something completely different. It’s always different when it’s your own life.

I am glad that I’m about to own my own house, for real this time. Not just another down payment, but an actual time to receive the keys and call the place my own. It’s something that I’m proud to have of my own. Renting so far has been a learning lesson for sure, but I can’t imagine starting a family here, where I am currently renting.

I might have wanted to be better at some of the hobbies I have, but instead, one of the skills I’ve learnt to excel at is people. And I can talk to people forever and ever. I can go on forever. I love to watch and learn about people the most, including myself. Perhaps if my hobbies gravitated around human interaction more, that would have changed things. But instead, I’m good at talking, but still really shit at skateboarding.

I wish I had documented more of my life. I think that would have led to a lot more interesting discussions and findings for myself. Maybe it would also be a lot of interesting content for the years ahead. Who knows, but at least I’ll start documenting whatever I can here and now.

To more years of doing things.






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