A daily –



After the daily challenges, of lettering and of sketching/inking, I’m feeling the laziness hit me. It’s like when I stopped running, I could feel myself still able to do a 12k run easy, but the physical toll after would be some effort recovering.

I can draw okay, I just really need to focus. I need to see the shapes and colors and pull them out the same way I did when I did it everyday.

I can letter okay, but to make it really pop and look professionally acceptable, I need to do it slowly or practice 100 more times than if I were doing it everyday.

I can think okay, I can process about right. But it takes effort too. I used to write a lot better especially when presentations are due and I’ve got to be eloquent enough for people to understand.

So something, just anything, everyday.

Hope you’re ready, cause I’m not.

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