Updates from Down Under!

It’s been some time since the last update, but basically I was trying to clear things so that I could prepare well for my trip to Melbourne. I also think that I had over estimated the things I wanted to do, and I planned a few too many things over each other. Had even double booked myself while on leave. Thankfully my time away has allowed me to literally free up my calendar because everything was and still is uncertain until I actually come back and start my work again.

But onto the main things: Melbourne in 2022! I’ve got friends and family here, and it was nice getting to see people that I haven’t seen since pre-pandemic. It’s really deep conversations with people that I wished I had more time with, but unfortunately we’re literally staying on different continents.

I really have missed the city itself, and walking around the different streets and lanes make me recall so many different times with different people. I’m coming back to a place that had influenced my adulthood by a lot, because of the periodic times I’ve arrived at, and now that I’m older I appreciate it quite differently. Nature, for example, stood out much bigger to me than before. Natural spaces, and intentional spots of nature placed in were both things that had never really caught my attention before, but I was keen on this time.

I think that Australia in itself was already beautiful, but from some of the updates that I’ve heard from family, some of the park areas were built up a bit more during the pandemic. I’m arriving in the middle of winter, which doesn’t lead to much greenery, but I’ll say that its definitely green enough for me. I’m a huge winter guy, so the weather is honestly the bee’s knees for me. (I’ve also picked up quite a bit of Aussie slang, so that’s still a thing right now)

Not that it would be that surprising, but I’m really not looking forward to working as a whole. It’s not that I don’t or won’t like my job. I am actually looking forward to that in a big way. But it’s the idea of working that feels a bit painful to me. I’m not sure what part of it I’m actually dreading, and maybe one day I’ll put it into words a bit better. But basically, I think it’s the nine to five of it, or just that routine as a whole. I’ll be okay with it once I’m in it, but right now, it’s just something that’s not holiday, and therefore, I’m not looking forward to it. I’m really trying to suck in as much rest time as possible, but honestly, it feels like it’s not rest anymore too. Maybe that’s a good reason for me to get back into a routine soon, and maybe at that time, I’ll be okay with going back to work then.

I should really think out this part of how I’m feeling more and give you all an update here. But I relate it to how I don’t take commissions for keyboard builds. I just do it because I want to, and if you pay me for it, then I recommend you going to pay someone else for it. I just want to make something for the pure fun of it.

But maybe like what Casey Neistat went through, one day I would find the money alright, and I’ll be okay with it. But maybe, and one day.

We’ll see how things go then. 😛

Also, because this is the end of the July thing, I’m shifting some things around. I’ll keep on writing, I didn’t manage to finish it. I also didn’t manage to finish editing my youtube things properly, or to actually start the channel proper. But I’ll do that in the time to come and to make it work for real. Starting the Aug 2022 tag for the month to come!





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