Missed Steps

Typing on: Vintage Cherry Black Switches, spring swapped to 63.5G+ Springs from ThicThock, soldered onto a WT60-D WeirdFlex, with a Polycarbonate Plate, and mounted into a Resin Case. Typing with MT3 Extended 2048.

I felt like I really wanted to tell someone that, because I walked by one of the tech fairs in Singapore, and they had a mechanical keyboard station with a lot of clones going on. I don’t know what to feel about clones and about having people who don’t really know too much about keyboards talk about keyboards. It feels like I’m gatekeeping, and it’s not nice to feel like the asshole in the situation. So I shut up, and I’m writing here instead about how special my keyboard is, instead of talking shit about someone else’s first keyboard.

It’s really not easy to write every day. I’m not writing here everyday, because I’m trying to write on my novel thingum (it’s more of a collection of short stories), and I actually do think that it gets better writing more and more. I have to apply so much thought, and then I have to try and make sense of so many things. But after like the first 15K words, I think I’ve understood a bit more, and I read myself better, and I write a little better too.

When I miss a day or two of writing, I actually have to spend some time to catch back on what I was writing. It helps when I’ve had that time away, and I can read through and understand what I’ve written. I’ve edited myself often enough, and that’s not fun. It’s like reading an old journal, and you cringe through all your thoughts as a teenager. Just that you’re not a teenager, and it was two days ago.

But here we are today, I haven’t written yet, because I’m still trying to get my mojo working. But I really want to make something good happen in the coming few weeks, especially when I’m away in Melbourne.

I’ll be in Melbourne for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow. It’ll be a fun time for sure, and I’m quite excited to be present in the land that I’ve not been to since 2018. I’ve actually got a stick of lip balm with me since then, and I’m really tempted to just go ahead and still use it. If anything happens, I’ll probably just buy another stick there again, and maybe it’ll get stuck in my pocket for another 4 years.