Another Day, Another Channel

I decided that it was going to be a bit too much to merge my thoughts onto my keyboard channel, and so, one of things that I need to start is to start developing for my side channel. Perhaps my side channel would end up being the main, but the point being that I can’t just keep doing keyboard tests videos with the subtitles as my thoughts and sharing there, but instead, I should give myself a clean break to just produce whatever I want to try as a whole.

This really sucks, because it means that I have to start my channel from scratch, but I could always do the piggybacking that I see other creators do as well. It takes some effort to plan all this, and I’m quite terrified of what that would look like. I don’t think I’ve done much difference since the last few times, but I think that I’ll have a different voice as a whole.

But that’s kinda the way the world likes things, myself included. I want to have a certain type of information given to me in a certain type of way, and I search for it that way. I don’t want to hear other things about other stuff, if I’m looking for sound tests. At the same time if I’m watching something for the lifestyle of it, then why would I want to watch someone typing on the same channel too? Wouldn’t it get confusing?

Anyway, this problem is something that I’ve dealt with for a number of years. My friends have suggested both ends: one to compile all of the things together, and the other to just have completely separate channels. Those two things really do stand some distance apart, and personally, I think it’s about time to try have a separate channel for each interest. But this blog here will always remain the same, convoluted mess that I choose to remain as.





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